Happy Easter!

So, my first blog post, no pressure. I’ll start off by disappointing you, this will regularly happen in my blog and I’m not even sorry. This post won’t include a recipe. I’m also going to let you know that yesterday I didn’t eat paleo – WTF! you traitor.

I went for the most amazing afternoon tea at the Royal Horseguard Hotel, London with the girls. Literally laughed my arse off and ate too much bread. My beautiful friend Maria is five months pregnant and I looked further gone than her. That’ll teach me for eating gluten.

I want to take you back to Christmas when I decided to turn paleo. I needed to get fit as I put on 8 pounds in a week while in Tunisa. This was mainly because I ate my weight in flatbreads and started each morning doing yoga with a beer! I also started doing some crossfit inspired workouts. It turns out that eating paleo has transformed my workouts and I’ve never been fitter. Abs are made in the kitchen right?

Like most that follow paleo I get asked, so what you don’t eat any grains? thats right no pasta, no bread and no chips. And no I don’t miss any of it. I’ve also turned into the biggest lightweight. Those of you that were out for my Birthday in late Feb will confirm I can’t hold my booze. I never want to spend my Sunday on the sofa feeling sick again. I watched Youtube videos for 9 hours it was a terrible sight.

Right now the crossfit games are on and I have enjoyed every second. I literally can’t sleep on Wednesday’s as I know the next WOD is about to be announced. The fact of the matter is, I’ve only ever been to two crossfit classes and one oly lifting class. I can’t do half the movements but I don’t give a shit. I feel focused and next year I want to make regionals. So far I’m placing around 100th in Europe which isn’t to bad considering I can’t lift properly and don’t go to a box. Sevan say’s I’m the only girl she knows that can reverse curl 70kg. I must listen more and learn how to technically lift. However, it’s not in my nature.

Here’s me about to reverse curl 70kg. I will learn, I promise. My next post will feature food, this I also promise. I just ate a whole leg of lamb. It’s Easter so I can do what I want.

P.S I hate Easter, chocolate is rank!



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