Broccoli, berry, almond and whole other heap of stuff salad

Alrite! long time no speak. Sorry for neglecting you, weeks have passed without me realising. It’s my little sisters birthday today so a massive shout out to Fleur *AIRHORN* love this girl, she’s amazing. I’ve never know someone so young to be so headstrong… I have no clue where that comes from :). She’s going […]

Paleo pie – walnut crusted pesto chicken pie with a twice baked butternut squash topping

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last few days the weather has been so nice I’ve completely lost my train of thought. My weekend consisted of running, coffee, running, training, running, eating, coffee, sleep, training, coffee. In that order with some sunbathing thrown in. I made Juli Bauer’s sweet arse banana bread as well. I […]

Shut the front door it’s a paleo banoffee pie – gluten and dairy free

I still don’t have my Reebok oly lifters this might be because I never gave you my address. I won’t be doing this. Ever. This could be the only possible explanation for them not arriving. I need to share this pic to you. I’ve been talking about me at work and this is how my […]