This morning…

I missed two trains this morning, the first was because I was checking Facebook. I then had 40 minutes until the next train, so why did I miss the second train? I was choosing what lipstick to wear obviously. SERIOUSLY SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.

This morning has been great. I walked to the train station listening to R Kelly – Ignition and I’m now sitting at my desk doing grown up things. Like listening to French radio. Granted Skyrock plays Thrift shop over and over again. If it’s not Thrift shop they play Rihanna. Why does she release a million songs at once? Anyway I feel cultured listening to foreign radio. I’m also working on a serious project, OH ER. I can’t concentrate this is probably why I’m procrastinating and writing this blog. I also have double circuit training tonight. I’m in bikini beast mode to get ready for the summer.

My friends at work hate me as I won’t tell them what I’ve been up to. I just tell them to read this instead. I don’t think they think I’m being very sociable. So what, I’ve never been a people pleaser. Jokes. Hi Kelly and Alex!

Anyway back to eating paleo. If anyone wants me attempt making a paleo version of something post below and I’ll spend the weekend giving it a whirl. I’m going to make a treat for the girls later so I’ll post it tomorrow for you all.



p.s I’m still waiting for someone to by me a pair of Reebok Oly lifters. Pleaseeeeeeee 🙂


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