So I’ve been encouraged by my friends to start this food blog. The thing is, I can’t write! Shit for me as I used to work in Internal Comms, pedantic or what. The other issue, a big concern of mine is that I make my cooking up as I go along. I’m one of those people that with any flat packed furniture the first thing I’ll do is throw away the instructions. I hate rules. This is why I can’t bloody bake, too many rules. This is also why I don’t like martial arts. My housemate does taekwondo, worst thing ever. Rules are made to be broken. I’ve gone off track, but the point is you won’t find many recipes here of me baking. I really need to buy a moleskin to write my recipes down. Hopefully I don’t lose it. I leave everything on the train and First Capital Connects lost property department is really rubbish!

Back to me. My names Charlotte Jeggo and I’m a 27 year old from Hitchin, Hertfordshire that loves to cook. Since December I started eating paleo – not all the time but the majority. This means, I don’t eat dairy, grains or legumes. I might throw a bit of soya sauce into my stir fry. I also might have a beer on a special occasion and I am never ever going to give up coffee – ever!. I was introduced by my friend Sevan who also introduced me to crossfit.

There seems to be alot of recipes around but you can’t find the ingredients in the UK, this really f**ks me off. What the hell is chicory root sweetner??? All my recipes will contain ingredients available in the UK, waheyyy!!


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